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Always Evolving

The tree care industry experiences a lot of changes within the ranks, between companies, for the insiders. To the average customer, there probably doesn’t seem like a lot of new things are happening. But H&H Arborists is trying to change that and show our customers that even if you only have your trees pruned every 3-5 years, we are still here and working to provide you with the best tree care in Dane County.

One aspect of the industry that has grown over the last few years has been plant health care. Science in arboriculture is providing new research every year that helps us care for trees and shrubs with chemicals and treatments never before possible. Bill Haessig, our owner, has been on the cutting edge of this for years. As his consulting has grown, we’ve expanded a few key aspects of our business. While we are not ready to announce anything this week, we are excited to let you know that H&H Arborists has some plans in the works that will benefit all of our customers and solidify your decision to trust the health of your trees and plants to H&H Arborists.


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