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Product Labels

At H&H Arborists, we have been doing plant health care for over 15 years. With Emerald Ash Borer being discovered in Madison, we decided to upgrade our program to keep our treatments on an appropriate and necessary schedule. What we have discovered over the years is that many customers don’t remember which contractors they use, much less what schedule their trees need to be on to remain current and protected from invading insects and disease. In 2014, we implemented an upgrade to our program such that when we treat your trees, you’re immediately enrolled in our Plant Health Care Program. This means that when your tree is treated, we put you on our calendar for the next year that particular treatment is due. You will receive an estimate from us and a quick description of your tree’s needs and then it’s up to you to continue that treatment. No more remembering different trees, different diseases, and different schedules!

H&H Arborists’ Plant Health Care Program includes access to all the product labels of products we currently use.

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