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Confirmed EAB-infected trees in Middleton and Verona

Last week was a busy one for H&H Arborists. Our staff was called to a residence in Middleton with two ash trees. The first one (left) was too infected to treat. The second one had the classic symptoms and we decided to treat it since it’s only 25% symptomatic.

Last season we had heard that trees had been identified on the northeast side and also in Middleton, but we didn’t know

exactly where. Now that confirmed cases have been identified we know the neighborhoods that should be especially concerned. As a leader in plant health care for Dane County, H&H Arborists strongly advises any customer that if they have an ash tree they want to be saved, it should be treated. But sometimes it takes the neighbor’s tree or a sighting the next street over to get people to take action. Prevention works. Don’t wait until the emerald ash borer has made it to your tree. The treatment lasts two years and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect your tree.

To have H&H Arborists treat your ash tree, fill out this form.


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