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Girdling roots: stressing and strangling your trees

H&H Arborists has been performing root collar excavations for over 15 years. We use an Air Spade or Air Knife to expose excess soil at the base of the tree. What we find is roots that have started to grow around the base of the tree and subsequently stressed and strangled the tree.

How can you tell if you may have girdling roots? One of the easiest visual inspections is at the base of the tree: can you see root flares? All properly planted trees should have an exposed root flare. If a tree does not have a root flare, the base of the tree will resemble a telephone pole (see below). Trees rarely recover from being planted too deeply.

After exposing the root flare, our trained specialists will cut away any girdling roots to alleviate the stress on the tree. We have been providing this service for over 15 years in Dane county with great results.

Notice the cut roots on the left and right of the trunk.

Please take some time and compare the pictures in this post with the trees in your landscape. As always, H&H Arborists provides free consultations for any and all of your tree care needs.


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