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Largest Locust Prune

We’ve worked in a lot of large trees. Usually the ones that come to mind most often when dealing with large trees are the cottonwoods and even the oaks. But last week the crew at H&H Arborists finished up pruning the largest locust tree we’ve ever worked on. We were able to reach the tips of one lead with the bucket truck from the driveway. Beyond that, it required all climbing. When all was said and done, Hans and Tom used five different tie-in points to finish the job. Two of the leads were over the roof and had significant deadwood to be removed, including a 6-inch limb very close to the chimney. Tom had to remove a 14-inch dead limb that had grown into a row of arborvitae. The drip line of this tree was extensive, so clean up (both days) reached across most of the back yard. But as is usually the case when pruning locust trees, the final result was a very clean tree, free of deadwood and properly thinned.

When we were done, it was a good reminder that no job is too big for H&H Arborists.


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