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New Equipment for Better Service

H&H Arborists Inc is excited to be able to offer more Plant Health Care (PHC) services. With the addition of a state of the art PHC van, we now have the long overdue equipment needed for a variety of newer PHC services.

In addition to established PHC services which have been offered for years, our new PHC van now allows us to provide protection to other trees and pests, such as:

- Diplodia Tip Blight on Pine trees.

- Dothistroma Needle Cast on Pine trees.

- Rhizosphaera Needle Cast on Spruce trees.

- Apple Scab on Crabapple trees and others.

- Spotted Lantern Fly, on 70 different genus of plants.

If you would like to see how our growing PHC program can help you, please consider requesting a consultation online or by calling 608-274-7001.

Pictured above, from left to right: Diplodia Tip Blight, Rhizosphaera Needle Cast, Apple Scab


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