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New Plant Health Care Program

Welcome to H&H Arborists’ Plant Health Care Program

You have chosen H&H Arborists for your tree care needs because you want the highest level of care.

The care of your trees and shrubs should be left to the experts. We know trees, we love trees, and we care for trees. When you hire H&H Arborists to care for your trees, you can rest assured that our new Plant Health Care Program will monitor and track the care of each of your trees for the rest of their lives.

In the past we’ve relied on you, the customer, to tell us when your trees need care. In many ways, this is still necessary. With our new Plant Health Care program, when you have H&H care for your trees, each item will be entered into our system so that we can continue to monitor treatment and pruning schedules and let you know when the next treatment or pruning should happen. No, there are no worries about spam – we have no interest in sending you information you don’t need or want. This program was originally designed around our treatments. H&H Arborists has been effectively treating trees and shrubs in Dane county for over 17 years. Many of these treatments need to be applied on a regular basis every year or every third year.

This program costs you nothing and will dramatically increase the care for your trees and decrease your responsibility to remember treatments and pruning. How can you get enrolled? Visit our Plant Health Care Program Page.

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