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Our Most Successful Newsletter

A few weeks ago we sent out another newsletter reminding our customers that the deadline for oak (and elm) pruning is fast approaching. There was a slight sense of urgency because we know that every year some people call a week or two from the deadline and we simply can’t handle the request because of other work scheduled.

It was our most successful email in terms of response. As the catalyst for these newsletters, I’m encouraged because it also tells me that our customers are starting to understand our business model: provide a resource for all your tree care needs, now and when other needs arise. I’ve personally worked for multiple companies here in Madison and I know that the industry often struggles with this professionalism. There are many companies that simply try to do work, get paid, and move on. That’s completely opposite from how we operate at H&H Arborists.

It is our desire to be a resource for all your tree care needs. We are constantly building our website so that it has resources and a layer of communication with blog posts like these and ways for you to get in touch with us.

Thanks for being a loyal customer.


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