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H&H Arborists Inc takes great pride in the proper installation of trees. In addition to the degrees in Urban Forestry, and years of seminars and work shops, H&H has the experience to know the Do’s and Dont’s with tree planting. Although the process seems to require basic common sense, there is much more to it, at least to expect a newly planted tree to survive not only the first year, but to thrive for the next 100 years.

Too often, we are called to diagnose ailing landscape trees which are 1 to 30 years old. These trees were either planted by homeowners or landscape contractors which were unaware of the mistakes they were making.

Planting trees does so much for your landscape; from adding value and beauty, to providing homes for wild life. Well-placed trees can decrease nearby noise pollution. They provide a habitat and food for birds and animals. They provide shade in the hot summer, and a wind brake in the cold winter.

H&H uses quality trees, which are either delivered straight from McKay Nursery, or picked up by our crews from local nurseries like Winterland, Bruce Co, and Steve Lesch’s nursery.


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