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Protect your oak trees!

Bur Oak Blight is a threat to your oak trees.

People love oak trees. The hardy Bur Oak has many striking qualities: their crooked branches, large leaves, and big acorns. In fact, the Bur Oak tree gets its name from the spiny, fringed cap on its acorns. Unfortunately, this rainy spring weather has led to an emergence of a disease known as Bur Oak Blight, and it could affect your trees.

This disease can cause leaf discoloration and defoliation. It can also weaken the general health of the tree. As the disease progresses by mid to late summer, the canopy browns, the leaves fall off, and the oak actually appears to be dead. It looks terrible!

Historically, the most effective treatment is with fungicides to reduce the infection. The professionals at H & H Arborists excel at administering these fungicides. This treatment is highly preferred, and less expensive, than removal. And we want to save the oak trees that we love.

Put our over 24 years of experience to work for you by calling us at 608.274.7001 for a free consultation.


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