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Show some love for your trees and prune during the dormant season

Your trees and shrubs will really appreciate it if you give them a little attention during their sleepy season. Pruning helps to promote healthy growth, proper size, and it prepares them for a vigorous spring awakening. Besides their happiness these are other reasons for pruning now:

Pruning when leaves are absent makes it easier to improve the branching pattern and direct future growth.

Removing dead or dying branches concentrates resources into the healthy areas of shrubs and trees. . Also, if any diseases like Oak Wilt are present, there’s less risk of spreading the disease because the fungal spores are not active and the tree sap is not flowing.

Dormant season pruning helps disease prevention.

During the dormant season, disease-carrying insects are not active, and cannot transfer fungal spores to fresh pruning cuts.

Colder weather provides a harder ground.

This provides easier access to the trees and lessens any impact to your property. Easier access saves us time and you money. Our new Track Lift has an amazing 87-foot reach for pruning especially tall trees, or those in hard-to-get-to places.

If you opt for a full tree removal, this is a better time to do it.

Properly pruned and healthy plants are better prepared to withstand damage from the coming winter season.

Show your trees and shrubs some love. Call or email today to schedule a free consultation.

Bill Haessig – Owner, H&H Arborists Inc. Certified Arborist – WI-0359A, Licensed and Insured Bachelor of Science, Urban Forestry and Forest Recreation UW – Stevens Point


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