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Removing Deadwood

Why do trees produce dead branches, and why is it important to remove those dead branches?

Each tree species is different, with one of the the key differences being their tolerance for sun and shade. Some trees thrive in full sun, while others need a little shade. Those which prefer a lot of sun do not tolerate shade well, and will start to kill off any branches that do not receive enough sun. As trees mature and become larger, they tend to shade their own interior and lower branches, causing them to die. Examples of common species that produce larger amounts of deadwood include Ash, Locust, Oak, and Crabapple. Dead branches can and should be removed for three main reasons: safety to people and valuables, aesthetics, and overall health of the tree.

If your trees are showing signs of deadwood, or if you'd like help identifying deadwood in your trees, please consider requesting a consultation online or by calling 608-274-7001.


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