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Thinning and Retaining Good Branch Structure

What is thinning and structural pruning, and why is it needed?

Thinning is the practice of removing select branches and limbs throughout a tree's canopy, thereby reducing the overall density of the canopy to allow remaining branches to be strong and healthy without unnecessary competition. Trees that are thinned on a regular basis have less dead branches, have less weak branches, and are less prone to insect and disease attack. Not to mention, they also look better!

Structural pruning is a more aggressive style of pruning, and targets specific problem areas to reduce the risk of nearly imminent failures in the future. Structural prunes are most commonly needed on young fast growing trees, to remove limbs that are overcrowded and/or have weak attachments, caused by a condition called Included Bark. (See picture below) It is recommended that these trees be pruned regularly, often on a yearly or bi-yearly basis for the first 5-10 years.

H&H Arborists Inc prides itself in having years of experience and education, to know what's best for each individual tree based on size, species, and location. If you have questions or concerns about the structure of your trees, please consider requesting a consultation online or by calling 608-274-7001.


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