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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is important to a tree’s health, appearance, and function.

Proper trimming is an art and a science. With so many variations of trimming styles, it is important to hire an arborist who truly knows how and why branches should be cut. Trimming should start when a tree is just a sapling, and continue for the rest of its life. Too often, trees are neglected until they show their weaknesses during high winds.

At H&H Arborists, tree health is the priority. Sometimes however, trees must be trimmed to facilitate other needs. For example, trees may become too large for their location, or obstruct a light or power line. Typically, a standard trimming will remove any dead, dying, and diseased limbs. Certain species require thinning of live branches, where others do not. We can also correct some structural problems, reducing the risk of limb failure.

H&H would rather trim your tree now to prevent removal later.

To schedule tree pruning, Request a Consultation.


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